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Center Brush Glass Washer, 7-1/2″, For A-200 Taller Glassware, Bar Maid BRS-922

$22.00 $15.31
With this 7.5" brush your glasses can be cleaned thoroughly and safely. It will prevent your glasses from chipping.

Disinfectant Quat Solution, 1 Gallon, Artemis Chemicals TSAN-4/1

$52.31 $17.99
Artemis Chemicals provides an all purpose cleaning solution. Quats are a disinfectant chemical commonly found in many household cleaners that

Sanitizer Chlor-Tab, 100 Tablets/Container, National Chemicals 13002

$27.50 $24.06
This Sanitizer is convenient - disinfectant for use in food and beverage service. This product is F.D.A. approved for the food industry, disinfecting surfaces no need for an after portable after water rinse does not leave residues, pre-measured tablets-- 100 count.Standard Restaurant Supply is committed to excellence and giving you a one stop shopping experience for all your shopping needs.

Toilet Bowl Mop and Cleaner Holder, 7.5″, White, Plastic, Continental 780

$16.06 $7.82
Locking strap adjusts and holds most quart bottles. Plastic hinged lid hides mop and prevents odors and spills. Easily accommodates the WJ510000 Bowl Mop.