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5 Funnel Set, 2,3,4,5,6″ Each Set, Plastic, Tablecraft 5

$12.00 $7.40
With this 5 funnel set there are a bunch of different sizes in this funnel set so you will always have the right size when you need it.  

Cake Server, 2 “” X 2 “”, White Plastic Handle, Stainless Steel, Libertyware WP-T22

$2.99 $2.35
This 2 by 2 stainless steel turner is the perfect addition to your party kitchenware. It is great for serving cakes and brownies at parties.

Cake Turner, 2″ X 4″, Plastic White Handle, Libertyware WP-T24

$2.20 $1.83
This 2" X 4" Cake Turner is the turner you have been searching for. It has a plastic white handle with a stainless steel blade. Amazing! Art!

Cake Turner, 2″ X 4″, Wood Handle, Libertyware WH-T24

$1.75 $1.49
This 2" X 4" cake turner is a perfect addition to your cooking supplies and can be used to serve brownies and cakes.

Cambro Scoop, 12 Oz, Clear, Ice or Ingredients Scoop, Cambro SCP12CW-135

$7.25 $5.54
This 12 oz ice scooper is clear and can scoop basically anything from ice to dry ingredients.

Cheese Grater, Flat, Black, EZ-Grip, Norpro 123

$7.98 $5.99
Rust Resistant Stainless Steel. Easy Grip Handle. Dishwasher Safe Cleaning. Small Grate Holes.

Cheese Grater, Jumbo, White, Plastic/Stainless Steel, 3 Drums, Norpro 342

$29.00 $19.99
Easy to Use. Durable. Works Quickly and Safely. Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Blades.

Chef’s Torch, 8 oz., Blue, Butane Fuel, Hollowick CT200

$37.50 $33.06
The Hollowick Chef Torch burns up to 3 hours per 8 oz canister with the push of a button. The anti-flare device heats up to 2642° F/1450° C.

Egg Slicer w/Steel Cutter, XSM1122

$3.00 $1.34
This egg slicer is compact and very easy to use. Place a hard-boiled egg in the middle and press the slicer down to get a perfect cut.

Fish Turner, 3″ x 6″, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant, Mercer Tool M33183

$29.20 $18.07
Mercer Tool Fish Tuner is 3" x 6" with a heat resistant handle that absorbs 50% less heat.

Fish Turner, 6.5″, Stainless Steel, Wood Handle, Winco FST-6

$8.04 $4.40
Commercial grade for heavy and long durable grilling. Dimensions: 11" x 6-1/2" x 7/8"

Funnel, 22 oz 6″, Plastic, Thunder Group PLFN006

$2.21 $2.12
This 6" funnel was made with a hanging ring which makes it easy to store and it will be smooth pouring.  

Funnel, 5-1/4″, 16 oz, Plastic, Winco Stainless PF-16

$1.45 $1.18
Make pouring easier and faster with this Winco, 16 oz funnel.

Funnel, 8″, 4 Qt Capacity, American Metal 1004

$47.00 $28.65
Making pouring easier with this 4 Qt capacity funnel. It makes so you can go super fast and still not spill while pouring.

Grater, Wide Coarse, Stainless Steel, 11 1/2″ MERCM35409

$14.00 $9.07
The MercerGrate Coarse Wide Grater is perfect for shredding hard cheeses, coconuts, and chocolates. The exacting manufacturing process of acid etching provides these graters with extremely sharp cutting edges, resulting in superior output. Choose from a selection of styles and grating patterns to handle all your preparation needs.  

Griddle Scraper, 4″, White Poly Handle, Blade s/s, Mundial W5692-4

$18.50 $14.10
Clean up the worst of griddle messes with this 4 " Griddle Scraper that is here to get the job done right.

Hamburger Turner, 14″, Solid Blade s/s, Vollrath 48081

$14.50 $9.47
This 14" stainless steel Turner is great for continuous use and commercial kitchens.

Hamburger Turner, 4″ X 3″, Wood Handle, Mundial 4686M

$19.50 $14.10
Get yourself this 4" by 3" Hamburger Turner that won't burn your hand or melt all over your pans.

Hamburger Turner, 6″ X 3″ Blade, Winco TN719

$4.69 $4.35
This Item is a durable 6" X 3"  Turner with a wooden handle.

Hell’s Handle Turner, 8″ X 3″, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Up To 450°F, Mercer Culinary M18300

$28.10 $17.28
The Mercer Hell's Handle Turner has a heat-resistant handle that absorbs 50% less heat, staying cool to the touch.

High-Temp Spatula, 10″, White/Red, Silicone, Nylon Handle, Vollrath 52010

$13.30 $8.69
The Vollrath® 10-inch high-temperature silicone spatula is heat-resistant up to 500°F. This nonscratching, stain- and odor-resistant silicone spatula is safe for nonstick cookware.

High-Temp Spatula, 16-1/2″, White/Red, Silicone, Nylon Handle, Vollrath 52026

$22.70 $14.82
The Vollrath® 16 ½-inch high-temperature silicone spatula heat-resistant up to 500°F. Safe for nonstick cookware, this spatula has a nonscratching, stain- and odor-resistant silicone blade.

Large Scoop Holder, 32-82 oz, Spill Stop SPS1402-0

$12.50 $11.01
This medium 32-82 oz scoop holder keeps the scoopers in it clean and safe and it is made of rust-resistant coated wire.

Lemon/Lime Squeezer, 6″, Stainless Steel, Winco LS-3

$6.75 $4.92
Juice your limes and lemons with ease, using this amazing manual squeezer by Winco!

Measuring Cup, 1 Cup, Aluminum, Vollrath 5350

$23.60 $14.32
The Vollrath 5350 measuring cup is made of 18 gauge aluminum and has welded handles. A specially designed lip for no-spill pouring makes this measuring cup a must!

Measuring Cup, 4 Qt., Clear, Polycarbonate, Standard/Metric Measurements, Cambro 400MCCW135

$20.50 $15.69
This Camwear measuring cup has a 4 quart capacity and is made of durable polycarbonate. External graduations are in American standard and metric.

Medium Scoop Holder, 8-16 oz , Spill Stop SPS1402-1

$11.50 $9.91
This medium 8-16 oz scoop holder keeps the scoopers in it clean and safe and it is made of rust-resistant coated wire.  

Pancake Dispenser, Eight Portion Settings (0.5 oz – 8 oz), Aluminum, Winco APCD-6

$156.82 $99.22
Pancake Dispenser improves plunger durability and ensures consistent amounts of batter every time. Eight portion control settings (0.5 oz - 8 oz) and 10 gauge high-grade aluminum body.

Peeler With Zester, 6″, Wooden Handle, Crown Brands CO-BP106

$3.20 $1.97
Get right to the point with this 6" peeler which has a zester with a wooden handle.

Pie Server, 2 “” X 4 “”, Blade, W/Plastic Handle, Thunder Group SLPS027P

$4.17 $2.35
This 2" by 4" Pie Server is perfect for serving delicious pies at your events.

Pie Server, 3″X 5″, White hand Mundial W5695

$16.10 $14.28
This 3" X 5" Pie Server is a wonderful addition to your serving supplies.

Pie Server, 5″ Blade, Winco TN166

$2.50 $1.64
Scrambling to find a durable pie server? Well, no more Standards got you covered.